Vision Statement

Vision Statement for Hanson Academy

We explicitly celebrate diversity, whilst also understanding the central importance of a common identity and a sense of belonging for all our students. This is why we are working hard to ensure that inclusion and community are at the heart of all that we do at Hanson Academy. 

This is not a trade off for high expectations and aspirations however. We have a larger than average student population who attend a building designed with the future in mind. It is our aim to match the performance of both our students and staff with our ‘state of the art’ environment. 

Our core purpose is clear; to inspire every student in his or her learning so they can go confidently into our rapidly changing world. Students and staff will develop learning programmes that mean that every student is supported yet stretched, challenged and inspired; passion for learning has to be at the centre. 

Hanson Academy’s success will be measured by results that go way beyond national expectations. This will be achieved through our range and depth of learning programmes provided both in and out of lessons, for it is only by treating students’ whole experience of school that we can truly provide an inspiring and truly holistic education.