Testaments about the Learning Gateway

Here are some of the testaments we have received from parents about the Learning Gateway.

Mr Pilling - Currently working overseas....
I cannot express my appreciation for Hanson Gateway enough!  As a parent working abroad, it is fantastic to keep so up to date and to have so much current information about what my daughter is doing and how she is getting on.  It is a real life-line that makes me feel part of her schooling which can be difficult from overseas.  What’s more, we have found that it opens dialogue like never before.  I can ask about what happened today in Science, or PE or comment on any points she was awarded today, and it brings her to life talking about school as she never has before, and we share a real interest and togetherness.  A number of other parents who work out here are very impressed and jealous .  Thank you so much for helping me to feel closer to my family!

Mrs Stafford....  I think its wonderful and I'm very impressed with it. For me its important to be able to know how my child is doing, and this is something I can now do and all at the touch of a few buttons.  This is the kind of information parents should be able to access about their child and I think it allows parents to have a better relationship with the school and feel like they are part of their child's education.  I'm impressed at how quickly the site is updated, how easy it is to navigate and how it has more content than I expected.  Thank you very much for your amazingly prompt e mails this morning, its great to know that the IT at Hanson is first class.

Mrs Sykes....   I think the site is very good and easy to use.

Mrs White....    I find the Hanson Learning Gateway very useful, I use it every day to check on my son's progress and attendance.