• Hanson Uniform

    24th October 2014

    Important information for Parents

    A school uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of our school and sets an appropriate tone and appearance. We want the wearing of our school uniform to instil a sense of pride, support positive behaviour and discipline and encourage a sense of identity and belonging. Furthermore, the wearing of the Hanson Academy uniform ensures equality for students of all races and backgrounds. 

    Our school uniform policy, rules and expectations have been designed to be s

  • 6th Form Charity Event

    24th October 2014

    Each year our 6th form students hold a fancy dress day near Halloween to raise money for their chosen charity.  All the proceeds from the day will be going towards buying gifts to put in Christmas Shoeboxes.  These shoeboxes are trimmed up into Christmas parcels and are sent to underprivileged children in Romania and Belarus. Thank you to all staff and students who have supported us. 

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  • Wicked Trip

    23rd October 2014

    45 Hanson students embarked on a journey to see Wicked The Musical at the Apollo Theatre in London. The show is a prequel to The Wizard of Oz and students from years 9-13 were in awe of "the untold story of the witches of Oz". We had a wonderful time and the show was fantastic. All of our students behaved impeccably and even coped with the hour delay on the motorway meaning it became an even longer day! All worth it for the amazing set, acting, singing and dancing. Well done Hanson!  

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  • Science

    Students attend Science STEM Workshops

    21st October 2014

    13 students from Year 7 were selected to attend 3 exciting STEM workshops lead by University professionals aimed to get students enthused in science. They had a wonderful day learning about 'why toast always lands butter side down', 'ultimate forces',.The day ended with the gory 'Dr Death's Medi-Evil Medicine Show' Further photos available from our Facebook page.

  • A level and GCSE Results 2014

    14th October 2014

    Congratulations to all of our students who sat exams in the summer.  

    GCSE results held up in what was a volatile year nationally. 45% of our students achieved the 5A*-C including English and Maths which is 4% down on last year, but under much more challenging conditions. Changes to grade boundaries, linear entry on exams, removal of coursework and reduced value of vocational qualifications have all made GCSEs harder for all abilities. 

    We are pleased with our A level results. 97% of students achieved a A*-E

  • Year 9 Drama

    Year 9 Drama Students

    13th October 2014

    "World War Once Upon A Time" tells  the story of all aspects from the conflict, from family scenes before troops  were called up, to a portrayal of life in the trenches during battle.

    The play was written  by Miss Morris and featured 12 year 9 pupils who have chosen to continue drama  in their GCSE studies next year.

  • World War 1 image

    Students Remember World War 1 Day

    8th October 2014

    On Friday 11th July, 75 Hanson Year 7 students were invited to sing and perform drama at Undercliffe World War 1 Commemoration Day.  We walked up to the cemetery in the morning and did two performances to various audiences attending the open day.  We also got to watch a drama performance about World War 1 and look at the war graves of soldiers who had attended Hanson School.   It was a spectacular day and the sun shone beautifully.  It helped us remember those people who have given their lives not just in W

  • Cheerios

    The Cheerio's

    7th October 2014

    The Hanson Cheerios competed in the Bradford Schools Cheerleading Competition on Thursday and came 3rd! The girls performed a fantastic routine and entertained everyone.  Click here to view more photos on our Facebook account.

  • Science Ball

    Science Ball - May 2014

    7th October 2014

    Year 13 Science Leavers Ball

    Yet another year has passed and we come again to the Bradford Club to celebrate Year 13 success in Science. This Years King and Queen of Science, Kushal Rattu and Sanita Sandhu were much deserved winners of these coveted awards but not the only recipients acknowledged for their efforts in the Subject. Certificates were given out for the 'Just got out of Bed Award, the 'Most Distracting Person in a Lesson Award' and the 'Longest Serving Award' given to Luke Tetley who must now be

  • French Trip to London

    French Trip to London

    7th October 2014

    10 Year 10 students on a day trip to London where they met their French pen-pals who had come to England on a school trip from Bordeaux. It was a fantastic experience where Hanson pupils had the chance to put their language skills into practice whilst taking in the sights of London such as The British Museum, Covent Garden and an entertaining River Cruise down the Thames! A very successful trip and the first of many to come.