Letters Home and Parent/Carer Information

Ramadan 2018 Ramadan Information
January 2018 Inspection of Hanson School by Ofsted
November 2017 Parentpay
September 2017 Director Letter KS4
September 2017 Director Letter KS3 2
July 2017 End of term arrangements
July 2017 Standards and Expectations at Hanson
June 2017 Y11 Study Leave
May 2017 Y10 Exam Support
March 2017 Parent Governor Election Letter
March 2017 Governor Letter
February 2017 IEB correspondence
December 2016 End of term arrangements Christmas 2016
November 2016 Change to Calendar Day November 2016
July 2016 End of term arrangements - July 2016
July 2016 Sports day Tuesday 12th July
July 2016 Strike day Tuesday 5th July
June 2016 Y7 Parents Consultation Evening Change of Date
June 2016 Timings of School Day (Student)
May 2016 Drinks Letter
April 2016 Attendance Letter Sent to Parents
March 2016 Ofsted Inspection Letter Sent to Parents
February 2016 Hanson Uniform and Mobile Phone Letter
February 2016 ICT - Student Responsibilities & Acceptable Usage Policy
February 2016 Social Media and E-Safety Letter
December 2015 Ofsted parents' letter
December 2015 End of Term Christmas 2015
November 2015 Y11 Maths Letter
November 2015 Information Letter
November 2015 Community Letter
July 2015 End of Term Arrangements
July 2015 Ofsted Update Parent Letter
June 2015 Ofsted Report Publication Letter
June 2015 Ofsted Report Publication Letter ARC Parents
May 2015 New Behaviour Policy
May 2015 General Letter Induction Day
May 2015 Induction Day outline to students