Curriculum Profile

Hanson Academy operates a two year Key Stage 3 and a three year Key Stage 4.  This condensed Key Stage 3 model increases curriculum flexibility, enabling the Academy to provide more personalised pathways through the 13-19 curriculum in line with students’ interests and abilities.  We strongly believe that a curriculum designed by student choice, increases motivation and engagement which, in turn, impacts positively on standards and raises levels of attainment. 

Key Stage 3 – Years 7-8

During their first two years at the Academy, students follow a broad core curriculum comprising: English, mathematics, science, technology, physical education, geography, history, religious studies, a modern foreign language (either French or Spanish), ICT, Art, Music and PSHCEE.

In most subjects, students are taught in ability groups.  Assessments take place regularly and the setting of students is adjusted accordingly.

Key Stage 4 – Years 9, 10 and 11

At Key Stage 4, Hanson Academy aims to offer every student a broad and balanced curriculum which is personalised to their individual learning needs.  Towards the end of Year 8, students choose options subjects which they will study over the following two years, leading to qualifications at the end of Year 10 and further opportunities in year 11. 

The Academy uses prior and current attainment data, alongside the views of subject staff and the Head of Year, to recommend an appropriate pathway which determines the structure of a student’s Key Stage 4 curriculum and the range of courses available.   Click below for an overview of the pathways and the courses available.


3 Year Pathway Overview

A wide range of over 25 courses are on offer, leading to GCSE, OCR and BTEC qualifications.  Full details of these courses are available in the options booklet which is distributed to all students and parents/carers during the course of Year 8.

An increasing number of students are placed on a pathway which leads to the English Baccalaureate. However, regardless of their pathway or the combination of courses chosen, all students follow the same core curriculum.  This consists of English language, mathematics, science, religious studies/PSHCEE and physical education which take up approximately 60% of curriculum time

All of the pathways available to students in Key stage 4 lead on to further opportunities in the 6th Form.

Religious Studies

Religious studies (RS) is part of the core curriculum for all students in Key Stages 3 and 4, with students in Year 10 achieving a short course or entry level qualification.

Many aspects of the Bradford Agreed Syllabus are incorporated into the religious studies and PSHCEE programmes, as the Academy looks to develop open minded and tolerant young people who understand alternative viewpoints and celebrate diversity.