On 21st September Hanson Academy hosted a visiting Argentinian touring group. The 12 sport studying students and 4 staff from Buenos Aires are visiting a variety of schools and tourist attractions across the UK over the next 3 weeks. We were delighted to welcome them to Hanson and in particular to challenge them in a sports hall athletics competition. Over 60 Hanson students ranging from Years 7 to 11 took part in the event, which included a full opening ceremony with national anthems and of course the raising of both countries flags. Loads of parents, students and senior staff also came to spectate and make as much noise as possible! The boys event was won by the Hanson Year 10 and 11 team and the girls event was won by the Hanson Year 9 girls team. Overall it was an amazing event and lots of lifelong friendships were formed between British and Argentinian students. A truly inspiring event for all.