Pupil Premium Information


This policy and action plan sets out Hanson Academy approach to Closing the gap and pupil intervention. It also outlines how the school plans to utilise the Closing the gap (PP) funding to effectively raise standards of attainment and achievement for all Students.

At Hanson Academy we recognise the importance of ensuring all Students, whatever their background or circumstance, are provided with a quality and relevant education. This will ensure that all Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in life beyond school.

At Hanson Academy, closing the gap should be an integral part of every lesson and all areas of the school. Within the classroom there should be a clear focus on closing the achievement gap between groups and individuals through well planned and differentiated lessons that challenge and stretch all Students.  All staff are entitled to a programme of training that allows them to continually expand and experiment with a full range of teaching strategies and techniques to ensure the achievement gap is closed rapidly through the use of timely and appropriate interventions. 


Key Aims:

  1. To develop a clear direction and focus for Closing the gap across all areas of the school, especially PP students
  2. To embed ‘Closing the Gap’ across the whole school curriculum, using a range of resources and strategies.
  3. To raise levels of attainment and achievement and narrow the gap between target groups and individuals; specifically for PP Students.
  4. To improve knowledge and understanding of Closing the gap strategies and interventions of staff and to share good practice.